Community life

There are lots of ways to get involved in local activities and have your say about what happens in the borough. Whatever your interests or your skills, and no matter how much time you have to spare, you’ll be able to contribute to Croydon life.

Community groups

Whether you want to become a friend of your local park, get involved in a resident group or want to meet others with similar interests or experiences, there are groups waiting to welcome you.

Community organisations

Many of the local groups can be accessed many through ‘umbrella’ organisations responsible for supporting the voluntary and community sector.

Asian Resource Centre Croydon
Croydon BME Forum
Croydon Voluntary Action Directory of local groups and meeting spaces

Community groups

There are many other groups that can help you to get involved in your local area.

Friends of Parks
CAGS (Croydon Area Gay Society)
Residents Groups
Council Tenants and Leaseholders Forum
Faiths together in Croydon


You can make a real difference in Croydon by volunteering your time and skills, as well as donating to a local project.

You can take part in individual consultations and engagements or join a panel if you want to be involved on an ongoing basis.

Help shape council services

Get involved