Facts and figures

Here are some fascinating facts about Croydon, to find out more you can visit the online Croydon Observatory, which is packed with up to date information about Croydon.

If Croydon were a city it would be the 8th largest in the UK ahead of Wakefield and Coventry. Croydon has been put forward for city status on four occasions, most recently in 2012.

Croydon, part of outer London, covers an area of just under 37 square miles. Croydon’s growing population is now estimated to be over 382,000.

Croydon is home to more than 93,000 young people who are 18 and under. This proportion is also expected to grow.

Croydon is proud of its diversity – Just under half of the population (47.3%) is White British, with the next largest ethnic groups Black Caribbean (8.6%) and Black African (8%). 23.4% of the population were born outside of the European Union.

Around 14,000 businesses are based in Croydon – including offices for well-known brands such as Superdrug, Body Shop and EDF Energy.

The average number of people living in a Croydon household is 2.5 and just over one-third of Croydon households do not own a car.

About 58% of households live in a home that is owned (either outright or with a mortgage) and nearly 20% live in private rented accommodation.

One of London’s greenest boroughs, Croydon has over 120 parks and open spaces, 10 of which have won green flag awards.